What we do

It is vital part of our strategy that we want to offer our customers the most comprehensive and full product offering, so they have everything they need to run their business properly, as a one-stop partner. Hosting is a very specific niche in the IT market, but we believe in a strategy of brand diversification nevertheless.

Intelligent is a facilitator

For her brands, Intelligent is a facilitator above all. Because we believe that brands should focus on delivering great services and products to customers, they shouldn't be bothered too much with all elements required to run a business properly. That's why we have created business building blocks that can be reused by different brands, adapted to meet with certain requirements. The Intelligent holding houses several departments that are a shared resource, such as administration, accountancy, marketing and development.

Continuous improvement as a key driver

Intelligent is strongly driven by the procedural approach of our customers' concrete needs in IT. In this context, we follow the principles of the ITIL. In this context, we start from a dynamic context and continuously optimize each procedure - based on the input gathered from practice. This way, we put our experiences in each domain together, which eventually benefits all our customers and brands. Over the past ten years, Intelligent has thus developed a strong expertise. That is why our hosting group knows all the ins and outs of about any imaginable problem related to hosting.

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