Who we are

Intelligent is a holding structure which houses several well-known and respected hosting brands, offering services from domain names, email and shared hosting, up to complex managed hosting solutions and adjacent products such as fax services, online backup and team collaboration products. We want to offer our customers the most comprehensive and full product offering, so they have everything they need to run their business properly.

Growing exponentially since 1999

In 1999, Jonas Dhaenens launched Combell as an Internet service company, focusing among other things on the automation of domain name registration and web hosting. Because of the liberalization of the Belgian domain name market in 2000, the company's customer base grew strongly. Back then, customer-oriented thinking, process automation and online self-service were already typical features.

Since 2001, we started to develop our own powerful hosting infrastructure in Brussels. The strong growth of the company received extra momentum in 2003 through a series of acquisitions and a successful collaboration with external partners. From 2003 on, we also firmly chose to offer dedicated and virtual servers and managed hosting. Through a strong natural growth and additional acquisitions, Combell Holding had become a market leader in hosting services with a healthy balance of 'shared' and 'dedicated' customers. The huge volume of shared customers provided the necessary financial stability for years, while Combell Holding continued to invest in high-quality infrastructure and a superior service portfolio.

In 2013, the Combell Holding was renamed to Intelligent, in order to support and ease our further plans. In 2015, Waterland invested in Intelligent, together with the Management, to accelerate the growth. At the end of 2015, the Sentia Group became part of Intelligent. In 2016, Intelligent entered the Danish market. Now in 2017, with the acquisition of the ZitCom Group, it has become the largest hoster in Denmark and is the third largest hoster in Europe for SME customers.

1999 Start of Combell
2001 First own infrastructure in data centre
2002 First acquisition
2004 First dedicated servers
2007 Combell becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
2008 Acquisition of Easyhost (BE)
2009 ISO 9001 certified
2011 ISO 27001 certified
2012 Acquisition of Register (BE)
2013 Combell Holding is renamed to Intelligent
2013 Launch of Unitt The Netherlands
2013 Acquisition of VibiT (BE)
2014 Launch of Unitt Belgium
2014 Launch of our own domain extension .GENT (BE)
2014 Acquisition of GiMiScale (NL)
2015 Acquisition of PriorWeb (BE)
2015 Waterland invests in Intelligent to accelerate further growth
2015 Acquisition hosting customers Skyscrapers (BE)
2015 Acquisition of Stone IS (BE)
2015 Acquisition of 1-EuroHost (BE)
2015 Sentia Group (Sentia, Indivirtual and ReasonNet) becomes a part of Intelligent
2015 Acquisition and merger of Flexmail and Addemar (BE)
2016 Renamed Unitt Belgium and Unitt the Netherlands to Sentia
2016 Acquisition of HostingXS (NL)
2016 Acquisition of Byte (NL)
2016 Acquisition of Openminds (BE)
2016 Intelligent enters Danish market
2016 Acquisition of Jaynet Group (DK)
2016 Acquisition of Solido Hosting (DK)
2016 Acquisition of DanDomain (DK)
2017 Rebranding of Solido and Jaynet to Sentia Denmark (DK)
2017 Integration of Reasonnet in Sentia (NL)
2017 Acquisition of ZitCom Group (DK) by Combell
2017 Acquisition of Vellance (NL) by Sentia
2017 Rebranding of Openminds to Combell (BE)

A knowledgeable management team

One of our key values is that we want to have a native management team. Our management should be in full charge of all of our brands. They know the companies we manage by heart, and therefore we're shy on allowing silent investors to have a say in our holding. Our management team is responsible of steering the Intelligent hosting group into a direction of expansion and growth, year after year.

Jonas Dhaenens, CEO

Jonas is the CEO of Intelligent and initial founder. He is investor in multiple internet related companies. Jonas is highly pragmatic and a commercial thinker with an interest in Sales, Marketing and Finance.


Jacques Vanloo, CFO

Jacques is the CFO of Intelligent. He has a broad experience in the hosting and server sector, and has a highly financial background. Thanks to his pragmatic thinking, he can make sure that the group operates smoothly financially speaking.


Frederik Poelman, Managing Director SME Hosting Benelux

Frederik is MD of the SME hosting brands in the Benelux and co-founder of Intelligent. He has a technical background, combining management and technical skills on the floor every day.


Stefan Rosenlund, Managing Director SME Hosting Denmark

Stefan is MD of the SME hosting brands in Denmark and co-founder of ZitCom. He has a hands-on approach and a highly infectious enthousiasm for the business.


Ian Zein, Managing Director Enterprise Solutions

Ian is MD of the Enterprise Solutions brands of Intelligent. He was co-founder of Sentia Group. Ian is also serial-investor and is responsible for the Buy & Build strategy for the Enterprise hosting branch.



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